Chapter 27

Brian went straight home. He shut off his Android phone after getting off the subway and checking for messages, then he walked to his apartment. He dropped everything at the door, the took off the pants and shirts, putting them into the backpack with the wing suit. Then he walked into his bedroom, where he found fresh jeans and a grey shirt. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle, opened it and took a long swig. He closed the bottle and walked back to the front door, picked up the backpack and duffle, then walked out locking the door.

In the basement of the brownstone, he found his bike. He put the bottle into a small basked on the bike, built for this purpose. He walked the bike out, locking the basement, and then carried the bike up the stairs to the street. 

Once on the street, he made sure the duffle was tightly strapped to his back. He opened a small bag strapped to his handlebars and pulled out a reflective cape. He didn’t like riding at night, because people in cars can be idiots, but he didn’t want to wait around to get the device in place. And he wanted it nowhere near any of his compromised locations, including his apartment. Between this cape, which also covered the backpack, and his reflective helmet, he felt better about avoiding the idiots. The cape fit loosely over the bags and the tied around his waist, so it didn’t actually flap in the wind, like a cape would normally.

He climbed onto the bike and started peddling. He ended up in a warehouse district of Brooklyn. After passing a few blocks worth of warehouses and cargo container lots, he turned into a gated area. The guard saw Brian and waived, then hit the button to open the gate. Brian started pedaling again and waived. Brian was probably the only visitor Jake, the guard on duty, ever saw at his gate since most of the activity occurred during the day.

He continued into the warehouse lot, passing more cargo containers and eventually arrived at his warehouse. He rode up the ramp leading to the large garage door. Then, he got off his bike and walked over to the door for people, unlocked and opened it. His alarm system emitted a loud tone and he keyed in a code to disable it. He brought his bike inside and closed and locked the door. He took off the cape and laid it across the bike. Then he flipped the light switch, illuminating the front part of the warehouse.

Brian’s warehouse was relatively small compared to most of the others. He was paying a lot of money for it monthly, twice the price of his apartment, but it was perfect for his needs. Parked under the lights was a car, covered by a dusty white canvas cover. It was situated next to a large table covered with tools and car parts. There were some large boxes behind the car, along with a few wheels and tires, just out of the main light source. He walked past the car and behind the boxes, where he found a pallet containing a couple of boxes.  He moved the boxes to the side, then lifted the pallet, which was mounted to a hinged door. Opening the door revealed a staircase leading down into darkness.

He descended the stairs, pressing a switch just under the deck and closed the door.  By the time the door closed, fluorescent lights illuminated the basement area. Here, was another very large canvas covered object. The basement was about two stories tall and the object in the center needed the headroom. Brian continued down the stairs. When he got to the bottom, he walked over to another table that it was full of tools. He moved several tools out of the way and set the duffle bag on top. He unzipped the duffle to reveal the device. He pulled it out and sat it on the table, dropping the bag onto the floor. He looked over the device to examine it fully since he did not have the chance before. It appeared to be what he had imagined and had survived the crazy journey to his warehouse. He assumed it was durable, since it was built to one day blast off from the planet and land on another. He flipped the switch he had used before and confirmed that he got the same results.

Brian turned toward the canvas and pulled a bit of it back. He had a rope tied to this section and he used it to tie back the canvas, out of the way. Moving the canvas revealed a grey metallic surface, scratched and slightly scared in random spots. There was also a large segment of the surface that resembled a door. Brian put his hand on a small rectangular section that looked slightly different from the rest of the surface area. In response, the door recessed and slid to the right, revealing an opening that was slowly illuminating. He turned around and picked up the JPL generator, then entered the doorway.

Inside, he turned to the right and immediately to the left, into a room containing four chairs, that looked like something you might find at a barber shop, but constructed from the same material as found outside. Brian focused on the area about six feet behind the chairs. There was a small, open panel in the floor. Brian sat the generator next to it. It was slightly wider and longer than the the opening. He thought to himself, “Yeah, I knew it wasn’t going to fit. I’ll have to cut the panel to allow for the cable and keep the generator out here.”

He stood up and walked out. He put his hand on the door panel again and turning his hand to the right, closed the door. He untied the rope holding the canvas and a allowed it to fall back into place. He left the duffle and backpack and walked back up the stairs, pushing open the door when he got to the top. He turned off the light and walked out, closing the door and moving the boxes back onto the pallet.

He walked over to the car and pulled backed the canvas, revealing the once white Mustang, sitting on blocks. He opened the driver’s side door and sat in the car, putting his hands on the steering wheel. “I don’t know if I’ll ever drive you, but it would have been nice,” he said. He sat for another moment thinking about his plan to drive out west. “Probably never happen,” he thought. He got out and closed the door, then stepped back pulling out his phone. He snapped a photo and then put the phone back into his pocket.  He covered the car again with the canvas.

Then, he grabbed his bike, turned off the lights and left.

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