Chapter 26

By the time Liz made it over to the office building, the team had already confirmed it was empty. The person she saw was long gone, if she had actually seen someone. An accomplice would explain how the first guy was able to glide away unencumbered by the weight of a 40 pound nuclear breadbox. She was now on the roof examining the edge with a flashlight. She found some newly disturbed dirt that had accumulated on the ledge.

“Bingo!” she said. She turned and called out “Hey Chris, over here!” A blond guy with a black CSI hat turned and walked over.

“Whatcha got?” he asked.

“I think we have some possible prints here. This is where I saw somebody and it’s approximately where the crowd said they saw a guy hanging from the ledge.”

“Ok, I’ll see what I can pick up,” Chris said.

“Thanks,” replied Liz. She pulled out her radio. “Hey Clark, your team find anything over there” she looked over and up at the roof of the office building being refurbished. Clark appeared near the edge and Liz’s radio squawked.

“No, nothing yet,” Clark replied. “We found the roof access locked, so we don’t think anyone went down the stairs. There’s a construction chute over there and I have a team going down to check it out. We haven’t found anything but garbage, otherwise.”

“Ok, thanks,” she replied. “Keep me posted. I’m going to go catch up with Rogers over there,” she pointed at the other apartment building.

“Got it,” said Clark.

“Two perps,” she said. “But how is this guy getting around? There are no ropes, cables or anything else that could be used.” She made here way to the stairwell, the took the elevator to the street and walked around the block to the other apartment. A uniformed cop at the door let her in and she walked up to the top.

On the roof, she found the team interviewing the crowd. She walked over to another woman wearing a blazer and a badge dangling in a lanyard, speaking to a guy, probably in his mid-twenties. The woman looked over at Liz. “Hey Murphy, check this out. Sir, can you please repeat what you said to her, she’s one of the leads on this case.”

The guy turned toward Liz and said “Yeah, sure, it was pretty wild. The guy we saw climbing that building, or whatever, ran right over there behind that stairway. Then he got a running start and jumped from that building to that other building. And he landed on his frickin’ feet, like it was nothing. Then, he took off running that way, then jumped off the building, like he was jumping into a kiddie pool or something. It was crazy.”

“Ok,” said Liz, nodding a little. “Did you see anything else? Was this person alone?”

“Um, yeah,” he said. “I didn’t see anyone else, just him.”

“Was he carrying anything?” Liz asked.

“He had a duffle bag, slung over a shoulder” said the guy. “He might have been wearing a backpack, too, but it was dark and he was wearing a dark shirt.”

“Sir,” Liz looked him square in the eye “are you sure he jumped from one building to the other?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” he said.

“Have you been drinking tonight,” she asked, maintaining eye contact. “That’s over twenty feet across and twenty feet higher than the roof he jumped from.”

“Yeah, I had a few beers,” he said. “But I’m not drunk. It was amazing and I can’t explain it, but I know what I saw, even in the dark. I have 20/20 vision.”

“Ok,” Liz said. “She has your contact info, right?”

“Yeah, she has my number and I live here,” he said.

Liz walked over to the edge to get his perspective and consider everything she’d heard. She thought to herself. “What the hell are we dealing with? One guy flies away and the other can leap tall buildings.”

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