Chapter 25

Brian dangled from the building for a moment, making sure of his grip. He pulled himself up and turned around as the crowd started to gather. He looked over at the other crowd. They were starting to notice, too. Time to get the hell out of here, but not that way.

He jogged over to the mechanical room and paused, trying to figure out the best route. Going west meant going higher. Going south, the next building was lower, but he couldn’t remember by how much, plus there was a very good chance he would be observed jumping and he didn’t want that many eyewitnesses. He decided west was the way to go. He peeked over at the crowd to the south to confirm they were still watching. They were. He looked west at the next building. It was only a couple of stories higher, so it should be easy.

He started walking west and the picked up the pace and was at a run when he jumped. He landed on the edge of the next building, which he observed to be an office as he was in mid-air. He landing squarely on the edge and hopped down onto the roof. He looked back at the apartment and it appeared that he wasn’t noticed. He turned toward the construction site. There was someone standing at the corner closest to him. He looked closer and realized it was Liz Murphy.

Brian turned and ran south. As he approached the edge, he could see the next building four stories down. He felt it might be too much to make that jump as it might damage the equipment he was now working so hard to acquire. He looked over to the left and noticed a construction waste chute about three stories down. He ran over to the roof area above the chute. He swung the duffle around to his front, cradling it like a small child. Then he took a small hop and entered the chute.

It was still an eight-story drop, but the chute angled toward the bottom that slowed his descent, then he slammed into the pile of debris at the bottom.¬† He jumped up and slid over the edge of the dumpster he landed in. When he was standing on the ground again, he noticed that his jeans were ripped on both legs. Plus, he was covered in dirt and little bits of debris.¬† “That sucks,” he thought. “I’m pretty sure that I look like a homeless guy, now. Ok, gotta go”.

He dusted himself off a little, then walked casually out of the alley and took a left, heading south. The police barricade was still in place as he picked up the pace a bit. Brian was sure Liz had seen him and wanted to get out of the area as fast as possible, without drawing attention.

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