Chapter 24

Liz Murphy was looking over her notes and something, well, many things, just didn’t add up.

“Hey Clark,” Liz turned to him “how did the crossfire incident happen if he was so far ahead of our guys?”

“What?” Clark replied. “Hmm, I’m not sure.” He turned to a group of uniformed officers. “Hey, you guys seen Ramirez? Send him over here, please.”

Ramirez emerged from the crowd and walked over. Clark said, “Hey Ramirez, Detective Murphy, here, has some questions for you.”

“Oh, ok, sure,” Ramirez said to them.

“Hi,” said Liz, “Tell me where you encountered the suspect.”

“Yeah, I was on like twelve or something when I heard Peterson engage him. So, I started going back down and I met him on eight. I think that’s where Peterson encountered him,” Ramirez said.

“So, you both had gotten ahead of him?” Liz asked.

“Yeah,” said Ramirez. “He must have exited the stairwell and then come back. Maybe he tried to hide or something on seven or eight.”

“Ok,” said Liz. “Thanks.”

“Yeah, no problem,” said Ramirez.

“Hey Clark,” Liz said, “I’m going to look around upstairs.”

“Ok, be careful,” he said. “There’s a lot of debris. And grab a hard hat from the van over there.”

“Oh, yeah thanks,” she said.

She walked over to the police van and grabbed a hard hat, then entered the construction gate. The construction elevator was working now, but it was on its way to the top with NASA. So Liz found the stairwell and started climbing. When she got to the tenth floor she walked out onto the floor. She looked around. No walls were in place, so she could look out into most of the city, to the east and north, taller buildings were visible, nearly adjacent to this one. She looked around as she walked to the south side. She arrived at the edge and looked around. The apartment next door had a crowd gathered on the roof, as did the apartment south of it. They were probably watching the events here, and one woman noticed her and pointed. She turned and walked back to the stairway. She walked up half a flight and found evidence of the encounter with the suspect. There was a huge pool of drying blood and she stepped around it to continue upstairs.

She exited on twelve and looked around. The scene was mostly the same. She walked over to the west side looking around as walked. She stopped at the edge and looked around, then made her way around the edges of the building until she was on the south side again. She couldn’t see any reason why the suspect would have gotten off. She looked over at the apartment again. Now, the crowd was gathering on the west side. She looked at the building farther south and then she noticed they had gravitated toward the west, too.

“What the hell are they looking at?” she said aloud. She looked over at the building to the west. It was taller than the apartment and about one or two stories taller than the floor she was currently on. She looked back at the crowd. They were definitely watching something. She ran back to the stairs and climbed two flights, exited the stairwell and ran south. She looked back over to the building on the west. Was someone over there? She watched carefully for a few minutes.

She pulled out her radio and turned it on. “Hey Clark, you there?”

The radio crackled and she heard Clark “Yeah, what’s up?”

“Do we have anyone patrolling the office building on the southwest corner?” she asked.

The radio crackled “No, not anymore.”

“We should get some guys back up there, quick,” she said.

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