Chapter 18

Brian exited the subway in Brooklyn and walked to his second storage unit. There he retrieved his “suit” and other items. On the way out he checked his mobile and saw the confirmation of his meeting tonight. He jumped back on the subway and emerged again in midtown. He walked a couple of blocks to an eight-story apartment building. Looking around first, for police, he entered the alley and walked over to the second fire escape. He looked up and down the walls of the apartment. Since he didn’t see anyone, he made the leap to the first level of the fire escape.

He originally wanted to do this much earlier but felt he needed to take care of Susan first. Now, he hoped that many of the occupants would be working so that he could ascend without drawing attention. He carefully moved past each window and up the steps until he reached the top of the building. There, he took another look around and walked toward the single-story room that housed the building’s elevator mechanics and roof access stairway. Beyond that, he could see a giant skyscraper that was under construction across the street. 

When he reached the elevator mechanics room, he opened a large tool shed that was mostly empty. There, he placed his duffle bag and backpack. He opened the duffle bag and removed a breadbox-sized metal box, that looked similar to the drawing he had given Steve. He slid open a lid on the bottom of it. He looked around the shed for something heavy. Then, he found three bricks and placed them inside. He slid the lid shut and turned a screw to keep it closed. Then, he put the box back into the duffle bag and put the duffle and the backpack into the corner, moving a few brooms and shovels in front of them. He exited the shed and closed the door.

He walked around to the front of the elevator room and tried the door to the stairs. It was locked tightly. “Oh, well, guess it’s the fire escape again,” he thought. He walked back over to the fire escape. He looked around again and didn’t see anyone looking out. He looked back over at the skyscraper, towering thirty-five stories above the apartment. “Good times,” he said.

He started descending the fire escape, again carefully checking for occupants. When he got to the third floor, he looked around and leaped to the ground. He walked out of the alley and back toward the subway.

Emerging from the subway in Brooklyn, he checked his phones for messages. Nothing on the Android, so he shut the phone off and finished his walk to his apartment. He took a route through a couple of alleys, just to check for anyone who might be following. No one ever exited the alley after him or appeared to be waiting as he exited the alley.

As he approached Brooklyn Heights, he decided to grab a bite to eat, stopping at Larsen & Hennings deli for a sandwich. While eating, he pulled out his phone and tapped out a message to Susan “how is it going?”

A minute later, a message from her appeared. “Great. At my office. How are you?”

“Great,” he replied. He decided to leave it at that.

“Call me later,” she replied.  He replied “ok”

He finished his sandwich and walked out. He walked down to the Promenade and sat on a bench, looking out across the river to the city. He also looked for followers but saw no one.

He checked his email, looking for any questions from Steve, but saw nothing.  He pocketed his mobile and headed back to his apartment.

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