Chapter 7

Brus had counted that the bright yellow star of this planet had risen and set fifteen times, and there was still no sign of his father. His mother insisted that he and Reestin be patient. In order to pass the time, she allowed them to play games in the main room, but insisted they each spend several hours a day using the interactive system for lessons, including various subjects like math, science and language. Brus especially liked the scientific experiments he could conduct using the virtual three-dimensional models. Reestin’s favorites included the three-dimensional manipulative objects that he could use to construct buildings and virtual cities. However, they both wanted to venture outside to explore this new planet.

The place they had chosen to land was a relatively flat area, covered with tall, golden grass that waved slow and steadily. Just a few hundred meters away, a few tall trees stood, also gently waving in the wind. Just beyond that, the trees became thicker and lead to an area with taller hills, or possibly small mountains, though it was hard to tell by sight.

Occasionally, small groups of animals would wander by, foraging in the grass or, in some cases, larger animals with very long necks and big orange patches would reach up into the trees and pull their leaves. These were Reestin’s favorite, so far, though Brus enjoyed watching black and white striped animals that reminded him of the creetos he sometimes rode near his home. All of these animals appeared very cautious of these other, smaller light brown creatures that crept through the grass, sometimes chasing the other animals.

“They like to play!” Reestin would say, as the chase would begin. Brus and Reestin longed to venture out to see these animals up close. But Mother feared that they might be in danger of the creeping animals.

“Mother,” Brus pleaded one sunny day, “may we please go explore the creetos? We will be very quiet and cautious.”

“No,” she replied. “As I have told you many times now, once your father arrives, we will all explore together.”

“But we don’t know when he will return,” Brus replied. “It may be too late to see them.”

“Oh, I do not believe they will depart. They appear to live here.”

“I hope Father returns, soon,” Brus replied. “I am beginning to miss him, since we do not know when he will return.”

“Yes, I’m sure he will meet us, soon.”

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