Chapter 10

Arriving at his stop in Brooklyn, Brian exited the subway station. Two blocks later he was at a storage facility, where he entered a code and a double-glass door slid open. He walked in and to left, then right until he found his unit. Pulling a key from his pocket, he unlocked the padlock on the unit, then slid the door up. Just inside was a small desk. He opened the top drawer, then reached into his pocket and pulled out his smartphone, turned it off, connected a power cable and put it in the drawer. He pulled out another phone and a set of keys from the drawer and placed them into his pockets. He dropped the “I heart NY” hat on a box in the unit, then grabbed a pair of Guess designer glasses and hung them from the neck of his shirt. Last, he grabbed his Yankees cap and put it on. He closed the door and closed the padlock.

After exiting the building, he walked another four blocks to a five-story brownstone. After four flights of stairs, he was finally in his apartment. He put the glasses, keys and the cell phone on a small table just inside the door. Then he reached down and switched on the cell phone.

Brian walked into the kitchen, scrubbed his hands and grabbed an apple. He walked over to the window and looked out over the river at the city. “It won’t be long. Can’t wait to get outta here.”

Brian finished the apple and walked back into the kitchen to ditch the core. He reached into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. He checked his phone and it had two texts on it. One from a friend and another from his job. Looks like he’ll have Monday off, according to the text. That’s fine since he’s possibly going to need the time. His friend, Sam, wants to catch a bite. He could probably squeeze it in on his way to make “the withdrawal” later tonight. He replied to Sam, “How about 6:30 at Custom House on Montague?”

He put the phone back on the table. Next up, a shower and prep for the withdrawal, then dinner.

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